Heavenly Peach and Apricot 

Amazing tea. 5/5

Creme Caramel

Of all the teas I tasted in this shop, this one is my favorite. Strong but delicately flavoured, the perfect mixture. 

Gunpowder Zheijang

Don't be swayed by appearances, Gunpowder Zheijang is one of the most extraordinary teas you will ever taste. Its humongous success lies in the right balance between its simplicity and a a quite intense character. At first sight you will notice how their bright green leaves point out the real freshness of this tea. The unmistakable aroma and flavor of toasted leaves give this so characteristic touch. Not to mention the magnificent propierties that are so common in green teas like this. Propierties such as being stimulant, antioxidant , prevents skin problems and also very useful for dieters.

First Order

I ve just got my first order from The Tea House through the post today and this was the first I chose to try. I m not sure how the others can follow this one because it is amazing! Gingery, liquorice sweet and absolutely divine. I have a feeling this will become my favourite but I can t wait to try the others now!

Present From Daughter

I recently got some of your green Teas from my daughter visiting London. They were delicious.

Present From Girlfriend

Thanks again!  I am very grateful that you are going to ship this to me.  My girlfriend will be very excited!

Finnish Visitor

I've bought your teas before when I lived in London myself, but I've now returned to Finland and was thinking of ordering some delicious teas for Christmas

Christmas Presents

When I was in London last Christmas I purchased some beautiful tea from your shop and would love to buy some as gifts for friends and family.

New Website

Hi!  I am so excited to receive my tea.  I bought your tea (caramele and liquorice) when i came to London in april and I was very excited when i saw :)   Thank you, and keep working hard!  I love your products

Happy Portuguese Customer

I have just received your tea bags!
Perfect. Today is snowing in Lisbon, quite unusual. Good to enjoy a cup of tea!
Thanks! Happy customer :)

Lovers Tea

Thanks a lot, my partner bought for me the Lovers Tea the first year of our relation in your shop of Covent Garden, and I thought that it could be a sweet present to remember the beginning of our relationship.

I'm really pleased that I can now order online as I've moved recently and can't get to the shop easily


Thank you for your Newsletter it was very interesting and something I will look forward to receiving I have for many years purchased tea from your shop and have always been happy your staff are  very efficient and friendly , I am pleased I can order by website

Tea for Wedding Favours

Many thanks to you and your team at the shop & thanks again for your precious help along the process

Help with website order

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help and very much looking forward to the tea! 

Happy Tea lover from the US

Thank you so very much for your help and getting my tea shipped quickly. I am very much enjoying it. I have to say I'm from the United States and had the privilege to travel to London for a semester in college and absolutely fell in love with your tea about 7 years ago. I have been looking and hoping for the time when you could order online, so thank you!!!

Sencha Strawberries and Cream

It really is the tea of my dreams...

First Order

I was very impressed by my first order, excellent tea and service. I'll be looking forward to ordering again from your site.