Tea House Trade: Tea Drinking is Changing

Could speciality teas overtake the good old British cuppa? The Tea House Trade is here to guide you.

Consumption of traditional tea has declined by 22% in the UK over the past five years. It appears that dipping a tea bag for 30 seconds in a mug has lost its allure.

This is great news for cafes, hotels, restaurants and delis however. Sales of speciality and herbal teas are going from strength to strength. The sales of green tea increased by an amazing 50% between 2012 and 2014.

This is no surprise as it reflects the ever growing ‘foodie’ culture in the UK. People are interested in the taste, quality and health benefits of what they eat and drink. This has resulted in tea drinkers branching away from traditional tea bags and opting for more interesting alternatives.

Look for some healthy alternatives to wine

Have you noticed that the media is flooded with reports concerning health, particularly sugar and alcohol? There is a growing population of non-alcohol drinkers in the UK. Those who simply want to limit their intake and look for some healthy alternatives to wine. Or, something with less stimulation than coffee. 

But, if you don’t know your Oolong from your Pu-Erh – how do you decide on an alternative?

This is where the Tea House’s over 30 years of expertise can really help you. We provide lots of advice on different teas and how to brew them perfectly. Do you know the reason why green tea can sometimes taste slightly bitter? It is because it’s often spoiled by using boiling water which  ‘burns’ the leaves.

Our family owned company, with its Head Office in Dorset and iconic shop in the heart of Covent Garden, has been leading the way as a Specialist Tea Merchant since 1982. So I guess you could say we know a thing or two about tea!

Do you feel inspired to update the teas you offer your customers? Read more here and call our experienced team of tea lovers on 01935 892481. Or, email us at trade@theteahouseltd.com. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

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