How to make Loose Leaf Tea

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I make loose leaf tea?” With over 30 years’ experience of tea preparation, we are more than happy to share some friendly advice on how to make loose leaf tea. We’ve also compiled a list of our 5 top tips when making loose leaf tea

Why Loose Leaf Tea?

The main reasons we find that ever more people are making the switch away from standard off the shelf tea bags is to experience the richness and divercity of the taste that loose leaf tea has to offer, the increased quality of the beverage and all the associated health benefits.

We are proud to offer a diverse range of teas from Greens to Oolongs to Pu-erhs. However, they all need to be treated in their own special way to ensure you’re getting the best from your brew. With our quick and simple guide you’ll be drinking better tasting tea in no time at all.

How to make Loose Leaf Tea without a teapot 

Step 1
Add your loose leaf tea to your chosen filter, infuser or tea pot. We recommend around 3g per serving although this does vary depending on the type of tea used.

If you’re using a mug, you’ll need an infuser or a filter. In the example shown we’ve used our winged strainer. You can also use DIY tea bags too.  If you are unsure which to use, watch the video below.

Step 2.
Once you’ve added your tea, you will need to find out how long you need to brew for and at what temperature.

How to make loose leaf tea

If you are using a tea you have bought from The Tea House, you will be able to find brewing instructions on the pack, otherwise see the quick guide below or download it here.

After you’ve brewed your tea for the correct amount of time and at the right temperature, it’s ready to drink! As you get used to making loose leaf tea, you will be able to adjust parts of the process. Eventually you’ll make the perfect cup of tea every time. For some teas, such as greens, it is essential to remove the leaves from the liquid so it does not get bitter. You can still use them to brew again.

How to make Loose Leaf Tea in a Teapot

Making loose tea in a teapot is very similar to making it with a strainer. You will need a tea pot with mesh in the spout or something to catch the leaves as your pour. We recommend a strainer. 

The brewing time remains the same here but the quantities are a little different. The saying ‘one for the pot’ is an easy way to work out the how much tea you should use. Use roughly one tea spoon per person and then add one extra – for the pot – to make sure you tea is brewed to the right strength. 

Here’s a handy brewing guide. But, don’t forget, whichever tea you purchase will have the brewing instructions on the label.

Tea TypeBrew TimeTemperature
Black 3-5 minutes95-100°C
Green2-3 minutes75-80°C
White3-4 minutes75-80°C
Oolong2-3 minutes75-80°C
Pu-erh3-4 minutes95-100°C
Herbal Infusions5-8 minutes95-100°C

Fancy getting started with loose leaf tea? This is the perfect introduction We’ve picked three teas from the range that we feel are the ideal for a loose leaf novice and a collapsible tea infuser that fits any mug. Just £25 and you’re on your way!

Right, now you know all of that, go and pick some loose leaf tea to try!

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