Morning Tea

Kickstart Your Day with a Morning Tea

Say goodbye to the winter blues and put a spring in your step with a new morning tea. The change of season calls for new experiences and positive changes…the perfect time to try a new tea!

Although it can seem unnecessary to step outside our comfort zone and experiment with a new brew, the rewards of an exciting tea discovery quickly make us forget our initial trepidation. So enjoy treat yourself to a “noveltea” from the great range of Tea House teas. With so many under one roof, there is bound to be one to suit you perfectly.

The strong cuppa…

If you can’t start your day without a good cup of tea in the morning (like most of us) and you enjoy a strong brew to wake you up, then black tea is certainly the way to go. It contains the highest level of caffeine for tea.

For many of us this means our old favourite English Breakfast blend but have you considered a pure Assam?  Assam is the key component in most English Breakfast blends and among our Assams the PF and Leaf are popular choices. The sophisticated, spicy flavour helps to refresh and revive and will set you up perfectly for whatever you have planned for the day.

If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous, you could consider a blend such as the Ceylon Pure BOP. This blend gives you a real kick and offers a full bodied, aromatic flavour. It’s sure to keep you on track throughout the morning.

For a lighter lift…

Green and white teas are the way to go if you enjoy a lighter start to the morning and caffeine isn’t at the top of your list. These truly refreshing teas will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on any challenges the day may throw at you.

A popular tea that combines both green and white teas is our very own Spring Time blend. This mixture of delicate teas is complemented by lively fruit flavours. If you currently enjoy green or white tea, why not experiment with this blend. It may just become your new favourite. 

If flavoured tea isn’t your thing, then a white tea such as Lin Yun White Downy may be more your style. Grown in the Guang Xi province of China, the brew is sweet and mellow. One of the lightest, subtlest teas we have.

Caffeine free…

For a totally caffeine free start to your day, why not try a herbal or fruit blend? Not only do these teas taste great as a warm beverage they are full of fruity goodness.

Citrus burst offers a refreshing tartness and zing. The perfect accomplice to toast or cereal, this fruity blend will leave you wanting more.

Why not try this classic Pina Colada fruit blend too? Pineapple and coconut go as well together in this tropical fruit infusion as they do in the cocktail!

If you want to try a new tea but aren’t quite sure how to make it then take a look at our How to Make Loose Leaf Tea article. It will give you all the information you need to start your next tea adventure.

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