The Benefits of Green Tea

The Wonders and Benefits of Green Tea. Discover why Green Tea is one of the favourite teas for the discerning tea drinker, its origin, its benefits, the difference from Japanese and Chinese production and learn which are our top selling flavoured teas.

Since its discovery by Emperor Shen Nong in China, the benefits of green tea have been enjoyed for over 4000 years. The legend goes that the Emperor was sitting under a tree when a tea leaf fell into his cup of hot water and so began the story of tea. Despite producing many teas in the East such as Reds and Oolongs, Green Tea remains the most popular while Black teas are more commonly drunk in the west. 

Did you Know..?
Green tea goes through six processes before it is ready to drink.

As is typical of most teas including green tea, picking methods vary from region to region in China. The process involves picking the bud plus on or two leaves although there can be exceptions for different teas. 

– Picking
– Sorting/Cleaning
– Steaming or Pan Frying
– Rolling and Shaping
– Drying

Chinese Green Teas are pan fired to reduce the moisture to no more than 4%. However, Japanese Green Teas are steamed to give them a yellow tint. Other Green Teas which are pan dried are lighter in colour or sometimes grey. Orange coloured leaves tend to offer a greener brew which is thicker and mellower.

What are the differences between Japanese and Chinese Green Teas?

This is one of the top questions that we get asked about our green tea. Apart from the production methods, the difference between Green Teas from Japan and China are that Japanese green teas tend to have grassier tones. Gyokuro Kagoshima for example is a well-known Japanese green tea and offers a sweet and mild flavour from a dark, glossy, silky leaf.

Chinese green teas are often stronger in taste. Mao Feng (Yellow Mountain) has a buttery, sweet flavour with a delicate liquor while the leaves are fine and twisted. Tea that have tightly rolled leaves like Pinhead Gunpowder (Pingshui) retain a greater flavour and shows that care has been taken in the production of the tea.     

We would recommend Japanese greens for those who are new to green tea because they infuse to a softer taste. Teas such as Genmaicha, the famous Japanese Green Tea with toasted rice, has a very distinctive flavour.

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Our top selling Flavoured/Scented Green Teas


In the West, one of the most popular and well known of all scented green teas is classic jasmine flavoured greens. The smooth flavour and delicate liquor is perfect for consuming after a meal and aids digestion. Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls is a Chinese Green Tea perfumed with Jasmine flowers. The leaves are hand rolled into tiny peal like leaves which gives this tea its name. 

Scenting tea has been common in China for as long as tea has been produced. There are many qualities or grades of jasmine green tea and The Tea House alone stocks five different types. 

In Japan Genmaicha is a flavoured green tea with added savoury toasted rice giving it a nutty flavour. Once infused, it produces a bright yellow, clear liquor.

The benefits of green tea are said to include:

– Anti-aging properties
– High in antioxidants
– Increasing metabolism aiding weight loss
– Good for your teeth
– Stimulating 

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