Did you know that certain teas brew better in specific teapots? This guide will tell you which teapot is best for which tea!

Each material of a teapot contains characteristics which suit different types of tea, although depending on your personal taste, any teapot can be used for any tea.

So which teapot do I need?


Black and Pu-Erh teas are best brewed in ceramic teapots. Ceramic has a low transference of heat and ceramic tea pots often have thick walls so they maintain the temperature of the water. Because we brew black and pu-erh teas at higher temperatures a ceramic teapot will keep your brew warmer for longer.


When brewing white and green teas you want to use a porcelain teapot. They have thinner walls than ceramic and will maintain the heat for a shorter time than ceramic. This is perfect for brewing white and green teas as they are brewed at lower temperatures. Did you know that professional tea tasting cups tend to be porcelain because it adds no taste to the tea?


When you’ve bought a tea you want to watch brew, say a flowering tea or a herbal infusion, you might want to buy a glass teapot. Most glass teapots have thin walls so they lose heat quickly. They are perfect for watching the mesmerising colours of an infusion takeover water.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel teapots can be used with any type of tea. Due to the material they transfer heat easily so they lose the temperature quickly. We’ve thought ahead and offer doubled-walled teapots that keep the heat and don’t burn your hands.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is known for retaining heat longer than other teapot. When you pour hot water into the pot, the pot will initially wick heat away from the water, heating the pot and cooling the water. Once the pot is heated, it insulates and retains heat wonderfully. Many people prefer cast iron for high temperature teas like herbal and black because it maintains heat so well through the brewing process, ensuring the tea steeps as close as possible to ideal temperature all the way through the infusion. These teapots, steeped in Oriental tradition will last forever if properly cared for.


For an authentic oolong tea an earthenware teapot is best. Our oolong tea set is perfect for brewing and serving when hosting. Our video will show you the best way to brew and serve oolong.

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