Tea Goals for 2019

It’s time to start over. A new year comes round again and we’re all seeking to improve ourselves in some way or another. Whether it’s finally joining the gym, eating healthily or giving up Facebook, we’ve all got things we want to achieve. Well, we’re going to start the year off with a list of tea goals for 2019.


What? More tea!? Of course more tea. It’s our favourite. And what with everything going on in the world right now – nothing beats a good brew to bring peace, calm and tranquility.


We all do it. Manoeuvre downstairs in the morning with one eye open as we scramble to the kettle and throw a tea bag into a mug. This year, we’re going to do our damndest to open that other eye so we can spoon some loose leaf tea into an infuser and start the day with a proper cuppa.


It’s not that we’re against coffee, but we like a bit more variety and if there’s one thing we can do more of in 2019 it’s get our caffeine fix from tea in the mornings. Start off with Matcha, or maybe a calabash of Yerba Mate to give ourselves a mid-morning kick in the office.


I’m sure we’re all guilty of sticking to the routine. From teabags in the morning to the same meal deal on the commute. Not for much longer. Instead of English Breakfast, we’re going for Tea House Blend. Mixing up our black tea choice. On a health kick? Get into the herbal teas to cleanse.


We’re so used to shoving an infuser, or bag, into a cup and making our own – this year we want to share a teapot more often. Tea should be sociable and shareable. Get your work buddies trying some of your favourite Darjeeling or a flavoured treat.

Well that’s our list of tea goals – what’s yours? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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