Put A Spring Tea in Your Cup

Believe it or not, Spring is here! (Meteorologically it starts on 1st March, come shine, snow or rain …)

And that means, so is our gorgeous collection of Spring Tea! Fresh and green is the theme.  We’ve got a couple of our most popular teas that happen to be redolent of this beautiful season – and a delicious new flavoured green tea for your try.

Spring Time

A life enhancing blend of White Bai Mu Dan and Green Sencha incorporating succulent and aromatic mango, pineapple, orange and strawberry. Intensely flavoursome & uplifting.

This attractive loose leaf tea has a potent and enticing aroma that mesmerises from the moment you open the packet. A shining example of a flavoured green tea worth drinking!

Sakura Sencha Wild Cherry

Enriched with rose petals, the aroma and taste of this green tea combine the Japanese Sencha base with the delicious sweetness of sakura cherry flavour.

The Sakura/cherry blossom is full of symbolism in Japan. It has been celebrated for centuries and is Japan’s unofficial national flower.


A vibrant green tea bursting with the fresh bright flavours of orange and strawberry. Light and uplifting, perfect to perk you up and put a spring in your step

There you have it. Three super flavoured green teas to get you in the mood for the spring season. If you’ve never tried a flavoured green tea before, these are three of the best you could start with. Each has a fantastic aroma from leaf to brew.


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