The Perfect Pairing of Tea and Chocolate!

Tea and chocolate

Pairing tea with chocolate is a unique way to learn more about the flavours of different teas and really test your palate.

How to Pair Tea with Chocolate

Generally, you should start by taking a sip of one of the teas we propose and allow it to spread in your mouth entirely before swallowing, this to engage the taste buds. Then take a bite out of the chocolate and see how it accompanies the flavour.

However, if starting with a dark chocolate, it is best to take a bite of the chocolate first and then sip the tea. This enhances the flavours and tones of the chocolate.

Pairing Tips

  • The higher quality the chocolate, the better, as it will have a purer cacao content.
  • Experiment with teas and chocolates that you might not normally choose. New flavours will be created and so you may find a new favourite!
  • A good pairing will allow you to be able to taste both the tea and chocolate at the same time.
  • 3-5 pairings are about the maximum you should try in one sitting, otherwise you may overwhelm the palate.
  • Drink the teas without any milk or sweetener, the cleaner the tea, the more enjoyable the experience is.

Dark Chocolate Pairings

Tea and Dark Chocolate Pairings

Dark Chocolate + Gyokuro Asahi, Precious Dew Jade

Japanese green teas such as Gyokuro pairs very well with dark chocolate. The slight mineral saltiness of the tea makes the dark chocolate really pop.

Dark Chocolate + Earl Grey Superior

The natural zesty French bergamot in our Earl Grey and the smoky black tea complements the rich dark chocolate and fruity flavours of the cocoa.

Dark Chocolate + Genmaicha

The nutty notes and subtle aroma of roasted rice from our Genmaicha green tea, offsets any bitterness in the dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate + Yunnan Imperial FOP

Yunnan tea with its woody, earthy aroma and a touch of malty sweetness, works extremely well with the intensity of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate + Pu-erh Wild Leaf Organic

A beautiful dark-leaf, Pu-Erh has a strong spicy taste with an earthy, woody flavour which matches perfectly with dark chocolate.

White Chocolate Pairings

White Chocolate and Tea Pairings

White Chocolate + Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Happy Valley

This tea is an aromatic blend of first and second flush Darjeeling. The second flush tea leaves provide a stronger flavour in comparison to pure first flush Darjeeling teas. This extra strength allows it to contrast well with the creaminess of white chocolate.

White Chocolate + Matcha Green Tea

Matcha has a bitter taste profile and so it directly contrasts and therefore complements the sweetness of white chocolate. The pairing offers a luxurious taste as the tea cuts right through that sweetness.

White Chocolate + Dragon Well – Lung Ching

The hazelnut, macadamia and chestnut notes in this infamous, pan roasted green tea make it an excellent match with white chocolate.

White Chocolate + Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl

Our Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea uses freshly picked leaves that are repeatedly layered with jasmine blossom then rolled into pearls. The aroma and taste are exquisite when sipped alongside a bite of white chocolate.

White Chocolate + Lemon Verbena

An unexpected pairing! The lemongrass base in our Lemon Verbena herbal tea is fantastic. The natural acidity and zest balance out the sweetness of white chocolate and cleanses the palate. 

Milk Chocolate Pairings

Tea and Milk Chocolate Pairings

Milk Chocolate + Nilgiri Blue Mountains

Milk chocolate tastes delicious when paired with dark, intense and aromatic black teas such as our Nilgiri Blue Mountains tea.

Milk Chocolate + Nepal Jun Chiyubari Organic

Our Nepal Jun Chiyubari Organic tea is an exclusive tea from a unique estate in East Nepal. The hand rolled Himalayan leaf is fresh and aromatic with earthy character and delicate sweet spiciness. It works particularly well with creamy milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate + Masala Chai

The great array of spices in our Masala tea give it body and soul – cinnamon, aniseed, ginger, black pepper, cloves, chicory roots, cardamom pods and cardamom seeds. All of these spices combined with the smooth, sweet taste of milk chocolate, make it a match made in heaven.

Milk Chocolate + Milky Oolong

Our Milky Oolong tea is one of the most popular in our collection. It provides a distinctive creamy scent and taste due to milk steaming of the leaves, before rolling and drying. It is sweet and mellow and combines deliciously with milk chocolate.

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