Make kindness the norm – Random Acts of Kindness Week

Make people feel loved today - random acts of kindness week

Being kind to one another has never felt more important. For the second time, the official Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th February) has turned into a full week (13th– 19th February), which we wholeheartedly agree with!

We’ve come up with a few ways to spread a little unexpected kindness:

Tea Break with Colleagues/Friends/Family

We all love a tea break. Gather everyone around for 15 minutes, sit and chat about anything, but work, over a warm cup of tea. Extra kindness points to the person who makes the round!

Send Some Tea

To go the extra mile, send a loved one or colleague some tea, without any warning. Not sure of their favourite brew? A little gift card will certainly brighten their day. The joy of receiving an unexpected gift can’t be beaten, and we often find that the feeling of giving is even better!

Give to a Cause

If you are able to donate something, even the smallest amount to a good cause, do it. If you’re able to volunteer your time, amazing! Charities have struggled throughout the pandemic. It might be a good idea to find a smaller, local one to help out.

Tell Someone You Don’t Know, that they are Doing an Amazing Job!

Kindness costs nothing. The boost you can give to someone, by simply saying, thank you, you’re doing a fantastic job, is priceless.

Check in with Others

Give someone you may not speak to regularly, a little call and see how they’re coping. Or even that friend who always seems to have it together, you may find that they’re struggling more than they let on. Showing you’ve thought of them, is the true meaning of kindness.

Be Kind to Yourself

Life balance often feels hard to achieve. It’s ok to take a break for yourself. The dishes will (sadly) still be there in half an hour. Sit down, make a good cup of tea, grab a biscuit and exhale.

Check out the Random Acts of Kindness website for more inspiration.

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