How to make Iced Tea

Summer is on the way and as tea lovers we get to reap the benefits of it when it’s hot and cold! Here is our ultimate guide on How to make Iced Tea.

It is important to use twice the normal amount of tea. We’d suggest at least 2 teaspoons of loose leaf per cup.

There are one of two methods we’d recommend:

Hot Infused Method

  1. Brew your tea as you would normally. Despite the extra amount of leaves do it for the same amount of time and at the same temperature.
  2. Strain the off the leaves.  
  3. Allow your licquor to cool.
  4. Pop your brew in the fridge until it’s well chilled.
  5. If you are in a hurry, just pour the hot, strained liquor straight over ice cubes.

Cold Infused Method

  1. Put your loose leaf tea into a large pot or jug.
  2. Fill the jug with cold water and leave to it infuse in the fridge overnight.

We like to experiment with Iced Tea in our Covent Garden Shop. So recently, to combat the hot weather, we’ve been brewing Iced Teas and adding some elements other than tea.

Starting with our fabulous selection of spring teas we brew Sakura Sencha Wild Cherry and Spring Time. Using the hot infused method above we added some lemon juice once the brew had cooled down. We then left it in the fridge over night and decided not to add ice to retain the delicious taste. The spring teas were already sweet enough so we opted for no sugar, but you can add to your taste.

With a more bitter tea, such as Osmanthus Flowers with Green Tea we added some natural honey rather than sugar to give it that sweet kick.

We also brewed some English Afternoon with added natural honey and some Earl Grey with honey and lemon juice.

We used the hot method for our tea because we’ve found that certain types of tea can taste too strong or bitter, particularly black and green tea. It’s a great method for Herbal, Whole Fruit Blends, Rooibos, White Teas and Flavoured Green, though.

We think these teas make lip-smacking iced tea

Our green and black based strawberries and cream teas make a gorgeous summer time iced treat.

The green is a fine sencha based flavoured tea containing freeze dried strawberries and coconut chips for a delightfully refreshing summer brew.

Our Strawberries & Cream flavoured black is a delicate black china tea with freeze dried strawberries and pineapple cubes. Equally delicious with or without milk.

A favourite for iced tea would be our Peach With Flowers. It has added orange flowers which really set off the peachy perfume to this classic.

Try this for a “tea free” version full of luscious fruits. Our Pina Colada whole fruit blend includes pineapple, apple & coconut pieces, with hibiscus & rosehip peel in a cocktail inspired infusion which really gets your taste buds tingling.

A popular & refreshing herbal tea is our Lemongrass and Strawberry blend which also has touches of pineapple, lemon,apple and marigold petals.

Fancy giving it a go? We’ve got a section on our new website that contains the tea that is ideal for making iced tea.

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