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The rooibos (red bush) plant has been enjoyed as an herbal tea in South Africa for generations. Pronounced “roy-boss” this fantastic infusion comes with a variety of benefits. We’re going to explore the origins and health benefits of Rooibos in this article.

Commonly grown in a small mountainous area in the Western Cape province. The leaves are fermented to produce the eye-catching reddish-brown colour.

Rooibos Plants

Rooibos can be prepared plain and simply with water, or in the same way as regular black tea, with milk and sugar added. Other popular additions include lemon and honey instead of sugar. It’s a really tasty,  flexible brew to experiment with. Whether you’re drinking the regular red bush or one of our delicious flavoured blends it’s a great tea. It’s thirst-quenching and refreshing.

It’s a “super” beverage for those who care about their health and it comes with a great list of  benefits. So what are the health benefits of Rooibos?

  • Rooibos is caffeine free and it is lower in tannin compared to black and green tea.
  • With no caffeine, Rooibos is often recommended for people who struggle to sleep at night. It provides energy without the caffeine kick of other tea.
  • Rooibos is known to help with stress relief and hypertension. It relieves respiratory conditions and can assist in lowering blood pressure. This makes it a fab pregnancy tea, too.
  • The chemical make up of rooibos includes manganese, calcium and fluoride minerals that are great for bone structure and strong teeth.
  • Children who suffer from colic or stomach pain could be helped by some rooibos tea. South African women claimed the plant soothed their infants. It’s not known which element of rooibos helps ease colic however it’s believed to be the anti-inflammatory part of the plant. It also contains antispasmodic agents which help to ease stomach cramps and abdominal pains.
  • Rooibos tea is used as a treatment for allergies in parts of South Africa. It’s particularly effective on eczema and hay fever. It might be worth having a cup before going on a country walk!
Rooibos Organic
  • Another benefit is the effect Rooibos has on the skin. It contains alpha hydroxy acid which reduces wrinkles and helps to remove layers of dead skin.
  • If you’ve ever suffered from kidney stones, drink as much rooibos as you like because it doesn’t contain oxalic acid.
  • A rare antioxidant found in redbush is Aspalathin. This brilliant component can help to control diabetes. It helps to balance blood sugar, it improves insulin resistance and glucose absorption by the muscles and it boosts the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.
  • This tea is rich in polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimutagenic effects. It has many phenolic compounds in it with polyphenols being the most important of them. Polyphenols scavenge free radicals that can cause cancer and heart diseases. Rooibos is a great beverage to boost your immune system and protect your body against diseases.

Scientists speculate that climate change may threaten the future of the plant and the rooibos industry. Some claim that increasing temperatures and decreasing rainfall may result in the extinction of the plant within the next century. In 2016, drought seriously impacted the production of rooibos resulting in hefty price increases for the popular brew.

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