Dragon Well - Lung Ching Organic Tea

Dragon Well - Lung Ching Organic Tea

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An organic version of this famous green loose leaf tea.

China's famous pan roasted tea from Hangzhou in Zhejian province which gets its name from the Dragon Well legend. Yellow-green cup & a light sweet taste with a hint of chestnut.

It has an impressive imperial mark of approval.

The grandson of Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Qianlong, had tasted the tea from one of 18 plants grown at Hu Gong temple. Taking some to his grandfather, Emperor Kangzi was so impressed he granted the 18 tea bushes the title Gong Cha (Imperial Tea).

Lung Jing (Long Jing) means Dragon Well also located in Hangzhou and reflects the importance of water quality in brewing the best cup of tea

Lung Jing is often called the national drink of China and is frequently given to visiting heads of state. It is also a favourite tea of today's top leaders, with a portion of production reserved for government customers.

Light and fruity but holding its essential high grown green qualities with a pale yellow cup. A must for anyone interested in classic teas.
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