Bancha Arashiyama

Product Code: 000321
  • £9.75
A beautiful quality classic organic Bancha, the traditional everyday drink in Japan.

An elegant example of Japanese Bancha (from shoots of the larger lower leaves of the tea bush). Low caffeine, mineral-rich. Soft, grassy and very drinkable all day.

This large-leaved organic tea is taken from the lower shoots of the tea plant.

The leaves are rich in minerals, but contain up to 70 per cent less caffeine than the Gyokuro teas (which are plucked from the young shoots).

The evenly worked leaf shows its real quality and its fine leaf structure after brewing.

Soft and discreet to the taste with a hint of grass. The discreet note makes this Bancha Arashiyama ideal both for green tea beginners and lovers.

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