Formosa Oolong Silvertip

Formosa Oolong Silvertip

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An exceptional quality, high grown Oolong loose leaf tea.

An exceptionally delicate Formosa Oolong, Silvertip uses the young tea leaf buds producing a silvery appearance and a lightly fragrant floral taste.

Typically rinsed before brewing, oolongs can then be steeped several times (8-10) and so used as an all day tea. Drink without milk.

Oolong- known also as "blue" tea - is semi-fermented and is originally a speciality of Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa) and grown in high, misty mountains of that country. Now it is also produced in mainland China and elsewhere.

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Tea Type: Oolong
Country of Origin: China
Collection: Connoisseur
Health Benefits: Weight Loss, Digestion
Ingredients & Flavour: Oolong
Pack Weight: 50g

Brewing Guide: Serving Quantity 2g per 200ml Brewing Temperature 75-80°C Brewing Time 1-3 mins

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