Pu-Erh Wild Leaf Organic Tea

Pu-Erh Wild Leaf Organic Tea

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A beautiful dark-leaf Pu-Erh with an earthy, woody flavour and a strong spicy taste. Especially good as an after meal drink.

Aged 6-7 years, this leaf this tea produces a smoky, earthy brew.

Having received much press attention in recent years, Pu-Erh tea is said to have positive health benefits including as an excellent aid to digestion &
for easing stomach upsets. It also helps reduce cholesterol & helps dieters trying to lose weight, if used consistently over a period.

Many people are familiar with the compressed aged cakes of Pu-Erh, less so with leaf Pu-Erh.
From Yunnan, one of the great tea producing provinces of China, this Pu-Erh tea is made using one bud and 3-4 leaves.

The varietal used (which has a larger leaf) and the growing conditions of the Yunnan contribute to the complexity of the flavour of the tea. The leaves are handled very carefully at this stage to prevent damage and so avoid any oxidation commencing.

The leaves are then withered for a short period which also causes the enzymes to start to break down. Further break down is arrested by next panfrying the leaves which are then hand rolled and allowed to dry to complete the process. The tea is then matured either as loose leaf or packed into cakes of different shapes.

Note that compared to green and white teas, it is relatively high in caffeine.