Pu-Erh Tea - Mini Tuocha

Pu-Erh Tea - Mini Tuocha

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A compressed black earthy pu-erh that's perfect for travelling.

Classic Pu-Erh from Yunnan. Twice-fermented, large leaf tea in a mini "bird's nest" shape - perfect for travelling. A dark, full-bodied tea with a distinctive earthy taste.

This Mini Tuocha Pu-Erh from Yunnan is hand formed, twice fermented, large leaf tea in a mini "bird's nest" shape.

It is perfect for travelling as it only requires a very short brew time and each piece can be used several times.

Pu-erh is said to have various positive health benefits such as an excellent aid to digestion & for easing stomach upsets. It is also said to help reduce cholesterol and aid weight loss.

Use one piece per large mug or small pot.

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