Pure Peppermint Leaves Organic Herbal Tea

Pure Peppermint Leaves Organic Herbal Tea

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Mint, the whole mint and nothing but the mint. An invigorating herbal tea.

A breath of clean air, pure peppermint leaf will revive and invigorate you at any time of day. A refreshing and aromatic drink with many reputed health enhancing properties.

This pure leaf tea is a pepper-upper par excellence. Invigorating first thing in the morning, the ideal mid-day 're-rev' when you get the post-lunch slump and the ideal way to round off an evening meal and settle the digestion.

Peppermint's versatility as a medicinal herb as well as a simply refreshing aromatic, makes this tea a cupboard essential. A perky, easy to drink leaf that is vivid and cooling to the palate.