Matcha Set - Bowl, Whisk And Spoon

Matcha Set - Bowl, Whisk And Spoon

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Are you a matcha enthusiast or looking to explore the magic of this quality powdered green tea?

This set is an excellent set for whatever stage of matcha lover you are!

Meaning Powdered Tea, Matcha originates in Japan where it was traditionally the most refined type of tea used for the traditional Tea Ceremony.

The tea leaves that are used for producing Matcha are the younger leaves of the tea plant. They are also grown in shade; these two factors ensure an exceptionally high concentration of chlorophyll and amino acids. It is why this powdered tea is so green.

Back in the 15th-16th Century it had been found that shading tea plants before harvest produces a mellow, sweet taste. The best Matcha is hand-picked only once a year.

Check out our video link for more about Matcha and its preparation.

It's packaged in a neat gift box, too.
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