Tokoname Kyusuu Teapot

Tokoname Kyusuu Teapot

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This side handled teapot is an authentic piece of teaware from the Tokoname region of Japan.

The simple design is classic and stylish - very pleasing to the eye.

Rather than a removable infuser, it has mesh fixed at the bottom of the spout to catch leaves. The larger of the 2 sizes in this range it has capacity of 200ml.

The quality is everything you would expect of a Japanese craftsmanship and the perfect way to enjoy your favourite loose leaf tea.

Tokoname ware is a type of Japanese pottery, stoneware, and ceramics produced in and around the municipality of Tokoname, Aichi, in central Japan. Tokoname was the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.

It is typically used for Green Tea


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