Lin Yun White Downy Organic Tea

Lin Yun White Downy Organic Tea

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A light white organic Chinese loose leaf tea which is very low in caffeine.

Delicate leaves from Guang Xi Province with sweet nutty flavour.

Plump and tender, needle-shaped buds are carefully selected to produce this very delicate white tea

The names derives from the appearance of the buds which are plucked when they are barely emerging and are covered in silvery "white down".
It originates in the "Lin Yun" county of the Guang Xi province in southern China.

Our Lin Yun White Downy brews to a bright and delicately yellow liquor. The flavour is very slightly nutty, yet sweet and mellow.

When you make your white tea it is important to make sure that the water is not too hot and that it is not steeped for too long.