China White Snow Buds

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Delicate white tea grown in South East China for over 100 years. Named for its silvery backed leaves and buds which produce a light green cup with a mild, slightly fruity, taste.

This tea is a further gem from the treasure chest of Chinese specialties.

For more than 100 years, this tea has been produced in the southeast of the Chinese high mountains.

Traditionally hand plucked, this tea is fermented for a very short time to save the tea's "green soul".

The thorough "two leaves and a bud" plucking is clearly visible. The cup shimmers in light green with a slight shade of champagne color. The taste is spicy with a mild, slightly fruity note.

A special treat.
Tea Type: White
Country of Origin: China
Ingredients & Flavour: White Tea
Pack Weight: 50g
Brewing Guide: Serving Quantity 2g per 200ml

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