Reasons to drink tea…

We’ve started the reasons to drink tea campaign so we can find out what you love about tea, and more importantly why you love drinking it. Here’s a list of reasons and facts submitted by our customers, staff and friends. These can include fun facts, personal insights and just about anything else, as long as it’s tea related.

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We will continue to add to the list and our aim is to reach over 100 tea drinking commments and suggestions. Here are a few reasons to kick off with:

Reasons to drink tea… 

  1. All types of tea come from the same plant, the camelia sinensis.
  2. A cup of tea contains more antioxidants that an average serving of fruit or vegetables.
  3. To gain the optimum benefits from tea, you should drink 4 cups or more per day.
  4. It’s cheaper than coffee!
  5. There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea first thing in the morning.
  6. “I use any left over tea in my tea pot to make stock, especially green tea.” – Suzanne Colbert
  7. “Yes drink more tea , as its better for u than sugary drinks ,it brings friends together, by just the mention of pop round for a cupper, who can resist, it’s calming, welcoming, soothing, and lovely, I love tea ,who doesn’t,” – Lesley McBrearty
  8. “Drinking tea is a great reason to meet up with friends , invite them over put the kettle on.” – Mark Sutherland
  9. “In my house it’s the law to drink tea!! Drink more tea just because you should!!” – Jennifer Keen
  10. “I like tea for have a good health and for the pleasure !!!!” – Ludwina Bosmans
  11. “For me the reason to drink tea is its long and rich history at the centre of many cultures across the world. From Britain to China, the US to Russia, every country has its own special way in which tea makes up a part of society.” – Cameron Clark
  12. “Drinking tea is an excellent way to keep your mind alert while working -it’s healthier than coffee, and boosts up your energy.” – Alessandra Ghilardi


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