The Best Afternoon Tea

May is the month when we celebrate the classic British tradition of Afternoon Tea and we have five of the best teas that you can find to go with your cakes and sandwiches. Learn about them all below.

English Afternoon Tea

Our very own Afternoon Tea blend.  A fine combination of China and Darjeeling teas with a hint of Lapsang Souchong giving slight touch of smokiness. Smooth and easy. The ideal companion of cucumber sandwiches, strawberry jam scones and cakes –  which is why we blended it especially for this purpose.

Royal Earl Grey

A particularly refined Earl Grey enhanced by royal blue mallow flowers resulting in an exceptional tea.  Fragrant and light, the underlying blend is Ceylon and China. Enjoy with or without milk.  Earl Grey has grown in popularity since first named for the 2nd Earl Grey in the early 19th century and is now famous worldwide as one of Britain’s most iconic blends.  Try with custardy or chocolate cakes.

Lapsang Souchong Superior

A higher grade Lapsang made from best quality Souchong leaves. The large lower leaves of the tea plant (‘Souchong’ leaves) are smoked over pine wood rich in resin.   This yields the classic smokiness with a spicy touch.  Goes well with smoked salmon sandwiches and sharp lemony flavours.

It is claimed that Lapsang Souchong was the first black tea produced in China during the early Qing era when wars delayed the drying of the tea harvest and farmers then opted to speed up the drying process by placing the leaves over pinewood fires.

Royal Afternoon

The leaves of this black “gunpowder” tea are tightly rolled up resembling delicate black pearls (or gunpowder pellets) .  As they infuse, the pearls unfurl and release their exquisite flavour. Aromatic and mild taste yet with good body, well suited to accompany any Afternoon Tea. Fit for a Queen or a King and for your traditional tea party.

Ceylon Blackwood OP Organic

A high grown* Orange Pekoe from the Bogawantalwa Valley in Western Sri Lanka. Dark, long wiry leaves produce a deep red infusion with an impressive bouquet and a rich aftertaste. The Blackwood gardens are situated at heights of *1,000-1,300m and the Estate is famous for being an organic and Fair Trade pioneer.  Good with any light meats, honey-based cakes and with fruits.

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