Celebrate the new Japanese Imperial Era

Japan is beginning a new Imperial Era for the first time in 30 years. Emperor Akihito, who became the Emperor in 1989, has abdicated the chrysanthemum throne and has passed it on to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito.

This will end the ‘Heisei Era’ and start the ‘Reiwa era’. The Crown Prince will be enthroned in October 2019, but from the end of April the imperial transition begins, with the ‘Golden Week’ becoming a ten-day block of celebrations.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry have given the English interpretation of Reiwa as “beautiful harmony”. Japan and Tea is one thing that The Tea House believes is absolutely a beautiful harmony.

If you’re not familiar with Japanese tea, watch our video below about some of our best-sellers.

Japan is an important part of the history of tea and tea culture and we’re going to be celebrating the new imperial era by offering our customers 20% off of our Japanese tea in our Covent Garden Shop and on our website.

Use the code REIWA in the checkout to receive your discount. The offer includes the excellent Japanese teas below, as well as many more. Offer expires 06.05.2019.

Genmaicha Green Tea

Our loose leaf Genmaicha green tea gives a light yellow brew. Japanese Bancha with roasted rice. Mild and grassy, and slightly sweet as the toasty tones offset astringency. Good with steamed food and light fish.

Gyokuro Kagoshima Green Tea

High Grade Gyokuro ‘Jade Dew’ from Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan. Gyokuro gets its distinctive sweet grassy taste from being grown under shade in the weeks before harvest


Matcha is special. Unlike regular loose leaf tea where you discard the leaves, because it is powdered you consume the entire leaf. This means the powdered tea has a host of health benefits for those who drink it.


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