World Book Day: Our Favourite Children’s Tea Books

World Book Day, boy reading.

This year it is the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. Its purpose is to encourage children to take pleasure in reading and help provide access to books.

The annual event also sees kids up and down the country dress up as their favourite character.

We loved reading as children and now love nothing more than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

To introduce children to the world of tea, we’ve picked five of our favourite books:

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

“A wonderful story about believing in the unexpected and magical. When a tiger turns up on the doorstep one day, the little girl and her mother welcome him in and offer him tea. He sits neatly at the table and eats his way quietly through every scrap of food in the house and every drop of drink, too. Then, just as politely, he takes his leave. When Dad comes home, there’s nothing left for him so he takes the whole family out for supper.”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tells the story of Alice, a young, curious girl who follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland. There, she encounters some of the strangest and most peculiar creatures, including the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter.”

How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea by Kate Hosford

“Each day when the Queen wakes up, three maids dress her, two more style her hair, and her butler James makes her tea. But when she grows dissatisfied with her brew, the Queen and James set out in search of the perfect cup. With each stop on their hot-air balloon journey, the Queen encounters new friends who expand her horizons in the kitchen and beyond.”

Tea with Grandpa by Barney Saltzberg

“Spending time with Grandpa is always fun. Singling, laughing, eating, and playing. And when it’s time to say goodbye, it won’t be for long because he’s never too far away to have tea. A little girl tells us about her daily tea ritual with her grandfather where they sing and laugh and clink their teacups with the help of their computers and a video chat.”

Teatime around the World by Denyse Waissbluth

“This poetic picture book takes children of all ages on an adventure around the world to discover new cultures and friends through tea. Did you know that po cha, the traditional tea in Tibet, is thick and salty like soup? Or that in Iran, tea is served with a rock? (A rock candy, that is!) Or that afternoon tea was dreamed up in England by a duchess who complained of being hungry between lunch and dinner? Teatime Around the World welcomes the youngest of readers with simple, vivid poetry complemented by unique facts about different tea cultures.”

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