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Green Rooibos Organic Tea Infusion

Green Rooibos Organic Tea Infusion

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South Africa, Rooibos, Pregnancy, Organic September, Caffeine Free, Organic, Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Calming, Allergies, Skin Conditions, Blood Sugar Levels, Immune System, Anti-Inflammatory, Pregnancy, 100g

Our green rooibos tea, a less red brew full of goodness.

A less fermented Rooibos with piquant, fresh taste and mild, slightly grassy aroma. Very high in antioxidants!

Commonly grown in a small mountainous area in the Western Cape province.

Rooibos can be prepared plain and simply with water, or in the same way as regular black tea, with milk and sugar added. Other popular additions include lemon and honey instead of sugar.
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