Mate Calabash Gourd Bowl

Mate Calabash Gourd Bowl

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A mate calabash gourd bowl. This authentic bowl is what mate is traditionally prepared in. Esstential mate tea equipment.

Yerba Mate is traditionally prepared by filling a gourd bowl (calabash) around two-thirds full with dried leaves and adding hot water (some prefer to prepare the infusion with cold water to remove some of the bitterness). The infusion is then drunk through a metal straw (bombilla). Hot water is added to the infusion throughout the day.

Before first use, the gourd should be 'cured' by adding about one-third full of Yerba Mate and topping up with boiling water and left overnight. Then pour out the liquid and scrape off the loose skin on the inside with a teaspoon.

With metal ring top.

Please note: Actual product may not be exactly as shown due to natural variations in the materials used. Sizes also vary.

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