Rooibos Organic

Rooibos Organic

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Rooibos (Redbush) tea, the popular infusion from Southern Africa, famous for many health benefits including reducing hypertension. Naturally sweet, aromatic and mild.

Natually caffeine free. Given its well reputed health enhancing properties, it is only appropriate that we have an organic version.

Ma Ramotswe's favourite cuppa.

Commonly grown in a small mountainous area in the Western Cape province. The leaves are fermented to produce the eye-catching reddish-brown colour.

Rooibos can be prepared plain and simply with water, or in the same way as regular black tea, with milk and sugar added. Other popular additions include lemon and honey instead of sugar.

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Tea Type: Rooibos
Country of Origin: South Africa
Feature: Caffeine Free, Organic
Collection: Customer Favourite, Pregnancy
Health Benefits: Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Calming, Allergies, Skin Conditions, Blood Sugar Levels, Immune System, Anti-Inflammatory, Pregnancy
Ingredients & Flavour: Rooibos
Pack Weight: 100g

Brewing Guide: Serving Quantity 2g per 200ml Brewing Temperature 100°C Brewing Time 8-10 mins

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