Sencha Chai Tea

Sencha Chai Tea

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A loose leaf chai green tea with a combination of classic spices.

A rich mix of carefully blended classic chai spices given by a light touch of lemongrass to enhance the freshness that comes from the fine underlying Sencha.

Our exotic, Eastern-edged weave of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper and lemongrass.

With the added anti-oxidant factor of green, loose leaf tea, this blend will transport you to hotter, sultrier climes with every sip.

Even with the rich spice blend of chocolatey cardamom and peppery clove, there is a clean-edged lightness to this tea that creates the perfect balance of satisfaction and refreshment.

Delicate, perky and ornate, it is as easy and enjoyable to drink in the evening as it is during a busy working day.

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