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Traditional Chinese Gaiwan

Product Code: 004147

Gaiwan is a lidded bowl which is used for brewing and drinking tea making it a very clever all in one method for enjoying your favourite teas.

The Chinese have been brewing tea in a gaiwan ever since the days of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

A gaiwan (literal translation is a bowl with a lid) consists of 3 parts: a bowl, a lid and a saucer. Their capacity is usually around 100-150ml and they are made from various materials including porcelain, glass, clay or even jade. Ours is made from porcelain.

They are especially suited to green, white and also oolong teas. The gaiwan can be used by holding the lid down whilst drinking (to keep the leaves in the bowl) or the tea can be decanted to another cup.

Before use just place your favourite leaves inside the bowl and fill with water. Cover and wait for the tea to brew and drink!
In use the three parts are all held in one#s hands. The saucer is held in place with the fingers of the right hand whilst the thumb rests along the edge of the bowl. The left had holds the lid to keep the leaves from sliding out during drinking. Some tea drinkers do the whole process using just one hand. It will take some practise to learn to use a gaiwan but once you learn it, it will make tea time very easy indeed.

Once you have drunk your cup with most green, oolong and white teas you can just top up with more water and enjoy again.
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