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Coloured Cast Iron Teapot -  Soft Blue

Coloured Cast Iron Teapot - Soft Blue

Product Code: 003704
Teapot, Cast Iron, Blue, 600ml

Brew your tea the authentic, ancient Chinese way with this stylish blue cast iron teapot with a 600ml capacity.

This high-end teaware includes a stainless steel mesh infuser for brewing your loose tea.

A cast iron teapot is a lifetime teapot. Unlike ceramic and glass, it cannot be broken.

Its advantages for making tea include that it absorbs heat evenly, ensuring your the leaves release the greatest amount of flavour possible.

Impurities in cast iron are removed during production and the inside is coated with a gloss black enamel to prevent rust from forming.

Cast iron teapots were created in ancient China. They were then adopted and further developed by the Japanese into practical as well as decorative items. They symbolise the everlasting strength and unity of the world.

Directions for use included.
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