Jasmine With Flowers

Jasmine With Flowers

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Green tea with Jasmine Flowers is the classic Scented Tea from China. Fresh and mellow, with slight astringency balanced by the floral bouquet.

This a fine palate cleanser with food which is why western people know it so well from their visits to Chinese Resturants.

Jasmine blossoms placed over the green tea leaves which then absorb the scent of the flowers produce the distinct and well loved flavour. In this grade of "every day" Jasmine the flowers are left in with the tea leaves.

Can be enjoyed without food at any time of day, this multifaceted infusion also makes lovely iced tea combined with a slice of lemon.
Tea Type: Green
Country of Origin: China
Ingredients & Flavour: Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers
Pack Weight: 100g

Brewing Guide: Serving Quantity 2g per 200ml Brewing Temperature 75-80°C Brewing Time 1-3 mins

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